Super Weekend Get 250% Bonus – 63JILI

How to Claim Promotion Bonus?

To claim the promotion bonus, you need to deposit ₱100 and click on the “claim” button. The system will automatically deduct any excess withdrawal amount. Ensure to play the free spin or free game completely during the promotion period.

Each user can only use one set of information, and duplicate information is not allowed. Changing any details like a phone number or bank account during the promotion is also not permitted. It’s important to ensure that your bank account is correctly linked.

Before participating in the promotion, it is recommended to read the rules and conditions carefully. By joining the promotion, it will be assumed that you have accepted and understood the rules and conditions.

If any fraudulent or abnormal betting activity is detected, we reserve the right to block or retrieve your balance immediately. Stay informed and enjoy the promotions responsibly!

Super Weekend Get 250% Bonus – 63JILI


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