Special Real Time Cash Back Unlimited – 63Jili

Terms and Conditions


  • Promotion is valid for net turnovers (bet amount minus winning amount) from slot, fish, and live casino (Baccarat Live Only) games played with deposited funds (excluding promotion turnovers).

Claiming Rewards

  • Players can claim rewards instantly through the “Promotions – Commissions” section in the Member Center.
  • If not claimed manually, the system will automatically release commissions at 12:00 PM the following day.

Withdrawal Requirements

  • Minimum commission for withdrawal: PHP 5
  • After receiving the commission, players must wager an amount equal to the commission amount (X1 turnover) before withdrawals.

Other Conditions

  • Promotion resets daily at 12:00 AM.
  • Turnover from previous days will not count towards the next day’s promotion.
  • Participation in other promotions may affect promotion eligibility.


  • Players should carefully read the promotion rules and conditions before participating.
  • By participating, players acknowledge understanding and acceptance of the terms and conditions.
  • Any suspicious or irregular betting activity may result in account blocking or balance retrieval.


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