Daily Deposit Reward – 63JILI

How to claim the rewards

To claim the rewards, your Member Account must be VIP 2 or above. Depending on the total deposit amount, you can receive different free rewards:

Daily Deposit Reward
Daily Deposit Reward
  • Deposit 500 PHP: Get 30 free
  • Deposit 1,200 PHP: Get 72 free
  • Deposit 2,500 PHP: Get 138 free
  • Deposit 5,000 PHP: Get 250 free

After unlocking the promotion, it is important to withdraw immediately. Continuing to play or participating in other promotions is not allowed. The system will automatically deduct any excess withdrawal amount. Free spins or games must be fully utilized during the promotion period.

Each user can only use one set of information, and duplicate information is not permitted. Changing details such as phone number or bank account during the promotion is also not allowed. Ensure that your bank account is correctly linked.

Before participating, make sure to carefully read and understand the promotion rules and conditions. By joining and completing the promotion, it will be assumed that you have accepted and understood the rules.

In case of any fraudulent or abnormal betting activity, we reserve the right to block or retrieve your balance immediately. Stay compliant with the guidelines to enjoy the rewards hassle-free.


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