Deposit 100 Free 100 – 63JILI

How To Claim Bonus?

To claim the bonus on 63JILI, you need to first register an account on the platform. Once your account is set up, you will need to deposit at least ₱100 and click the “claim” button to unlock the promotion. It’s important to note that after unlocking the promotion, you should withdraw the funds immediately. Continuing to play or participating in other promotions is not allowed.

If you choose to continue playing and accumulate more winnings, only the amount you had when unlocking the promotion will be transferred to you. Any excess amount will be automatically deducted by the system. During the promotion period, any free spins or free games offered must be fully utilized.

Each member is allowed to participate in this promotion once per day within the specified period. Only one device and IP address can be used to take part in the promotion. Duplicate information or changing personal details such as phone numbers or bank accounts during the promotion period is not allowed.

It is crucial to carefully read and understand the promotion rules and conditions before joining. By participating in the promotion, it is assumed that you have accepted and understood all the terms.

In case of any fraudulent activities or abnormal betting behavior, the platform reserves the right to block or retrieve your balance immediately. Make sure to bind your bank account correctly and comply with all the guidelines to enjoy the bonus without any issues.