Paymaya Exclusive Deposit 200 Bonus 300 – 63JILI

Claiming the Promotion Bonus

To claim this promotion bonus, you must deposit a specific amount of money. This promotion is available to join every day.

To claim the bonus, simply click on the designated button. If you withdraw more money than the specified amount, the system will automatically deduct the bonus from your withdrawal.

Any free spins or free games earned through the promotion must be fully used within the promotion period. Each user is only allowed to use one set of information. Providing duplicate information is not allowed.

You are not permitted to change any information, such as your phone number or bank account, during the promotion period. Ensure that you link your bank account correctly before claiming the bonus.

Important Notes

Kindly review the promotion rules and conditions thoroughly before joining the promotion. By participating, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the rules and conditions.

In the event of detecting any fraudulent or abnormal betting activity, we reserve the right to terminate your account or retrieve your account balance immediately.


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